A Relaxed-Schema Graph Database Management System.

Sylva [from the Old Spanish "silva", a Rennaisance type of book to organize knowledge] is a free, easy-to-use, flexible, and scalable database management system that helps you collect, collaborate, visualize and query large data sets.

No programming knowledge is required to use Sylva!

The data sets are stored according to the schemas (graphs) created by the user, and can be visualized as networks and as lists. Researchers have absolute freedom to grant different permits to collaborators and to import and export their schemas and data sets.

Start using Sylva as soon as it becomes available!
Create graphs any time Visualize and browse your data Select the type for your data Show statistics for your storage List your data in regular tables Automatic forms and media from your schema Advanced definition for your schema Manage as collaborators as you want
Example Frame


Create a schema of your data and change it as many times as you need. Absolute flexibility for editing the schema again and again. Even you You be the one to decide what happens with the referential integrity and cascade deletions.


With access to a browser and Internet connection you can have as many people as you want from just as many countries collecting the data simultaneously.

And since it is your data, you can export it whenever you need to, in the most common formats: GML, GEXF, CSV, etc.


Research on your connected data discovering new information through the powerfull system of quering.

Setup an expermient, save it and share it with others.